Stay in Fès: Riad Anata

stay in fes_riad anata_review_blog_where to stay in fesA boutique Riad in the heart of the Fès Medina, Riad Anata is intimate and stylish. A personal, private and luxury stay.

Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_room window_courtyard


The drive from Casablanca airport to Fès is pretty easy. You ride on a two way highway for the majority of the time surrounded by a picturesque landscape of mountains, farms, nature and small towns. There is no need to get into the Medina (cars can’t drive in the medina anyway!), which is perfect because it helps avoid the chaos. You just need to drive through the Fès’ nouvelle ville for 10 minutes before arriving in the Medina, but it’s pretty straightforward.

We pulled into the parking lot, 2 streets away from the Riad and made are way through the labyrinth streets. For those of you who don’t know what a Riad is, it is a traditional home or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. From the outside, Riads look all the same (except for their fancy doors) and look like nothing much. However, once you step in, you always discover the unexpected-what lies within is a treasure.

Riad Anata resides in a quaint part of Fès Medina, although it looks small on the outside the inside is a tall marvel. The Riad is an amalgamation of Andalucian townhouses and Moroccan Riads with a splash of trendy color. The courtyard has touches of hot pink armchairs in the center and a small library-reading den on the side offering a modern comfort with serenity. The decoration is impeccable and full of artisanal Moroccan décor. During our stay we stayed in the Orange room on the second floor with windows facing the courtyard.

Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_courtyard_aerial

Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_window_detailWith a limited number of rooms (five to be exact!) the experience is very tailored and intimate. It is so intimate that at times you feel like you have the entire Riad to yourself! The room is stocked with fresh bathrobes, artisanal shampoos and conditioners made of Argan oil (a specialty in Morocco), adapters, free guides, A/C and plenty of storage room. The terracotta floors and soft cotton sheets keep the rooms cool during the hot summer months. From the detailed shelving units in the shower to the chair made of calf, the Moroccan “puff daddy” chair as they call them, wooden etched decorations above the bed, and windows facing the courtyard, you feel immersed in Morocco’s finest and most local stay.

Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_bathrobes Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_bedroom_orange room Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_bathroom_architecture_argan oil Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_red room Desk Puff Daddy Chair_Orange Room_Where to stay in Fes_Morocco_Riad Anata Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_Room View_Window

We made our way up to the rooftop terrace, which includes a wading or plunge pool and a spacious shaded lounging area to enjoy a mid-afternoon mojito from the bar (made with Morocco’s oh-so famous Mint leaves! Seriously, they are super addicting and you will never taste anything like it). This is the area where aperitif, dinner and breakfast are served. Many Riads include breakfast during your stay and Riad Anata’s is the best breakfast we’ve had in Morocco to this day! Breakfasts consisted of freshly brewed coffee and tea followed by a selection of homemade jams, honey, butter, yogurt breakfast bread, eggs, yogurt, sweet bread, beghrir (a pancake consumed in the Maghreb region), msemmen (a fried pancake like bread of the Maghreb region), and fresh fruit.

Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_kitchen Riad Anata_Bar_Terrace_Rooftop_Where to Stay in Fes_MoroccoRiad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_pool view Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_rooftop_terrace_view Riad Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_rooftop_terrace to Stay_Travel Guide_rooftop_terrace_view Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_terrace sunroof Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_rooftop Svadore Swinging Chair Pool_Riad Anata_Where to Stay in Fes_Morocco_Travel Guide Riad Anata_Fes_Morocco_Where to Stay_Travel Guide_breakfast

The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They almost all live in the area so can tell you where to go, what to do and see. From Sara who works the reception to Simo who oversees your stay and Mina who works the kitchen. The staff goes a step further and offers one-of-a-kind classes to get you immersed in the local culture such as: excursions to Volubilis, Meknes or Chefchaouen, yoga workshops, bellydancing, and a personal cooking classes with their local Chef Mina. We chose to indulge in Mina’s cooking class and highly recommend you all do the same! More on the personal cooking class to come in my next blog post.

From the details to the staff, Riad Anata is unlike any Riad in the Fès Medina. It truly feels like a custom experience, tailored for each individuals travel needs. As I lie in a lounge chair on the terrace at 6:40PM, watching the sunset, sipping a mojito after a quick afternoon nap and listening to the sound of dream catchers, birds and owls. I can’t help, but think to myself that we have chosen one of the most peaceful Riads in the area.

If you’re interested in booking a stay with Riad Anata, visit their website at

  • Riad Anata, Derb El-Hamia, Fès Boulemane 30200, Morocco;

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  1. Gorgeous photography!! I have dreamed of visiting Morroco and Casablanca. A friend of mine visits often and I hear great stories of how beautiful it is. Your post confirms that. Thanks for sharing.

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