title-pageWhen thinking of jewelry the first thing one thinks of is diamonds, gold, silver, gemstones and precious metals. A new precious material is paving the way for the men’s jewelry industry–a very niche and limited market–dinosaur bones and meteorites.

This innovative trend was started by Portland-based design company William Henry who began crafting hand-made pocketknives out of prehistoric materials. Since then, the company has expanded and recently launched its first men’s jewelry collection which include pendants, bracelets, cuff links and pens. Since it’s launch in 2015, the men’s luxury accessory brand has become a hallmark accessory for Hollywood’s most assuredly masculine men.

William Henry’s jewelry collection showcases the brand’s signature workmanship with using some of the rarest materials on earth–100 million year-old petrified dinosaur bone, egg and fossil Woolly Mammoth tooth. Found only in deserts and sea floors, the products can take a minimum of six months to be hand crafted. One just needs to look at the utilization of a Mammoth’s tooth to see how intricate of a technique is needed. Mammoth teeth have been underwater for 10,000 years. Once found, they need to dry out for 2 whole years before an artisan can even begin to work on the accessory and even then there is a 50% chance the Mammoth’s tooth will break instantly upon contact.

Only a few business’ have caught onto this new trend and it appears that it will remain so. If big jewelry contenders were to start working with dinosaur fossils, they would deplete the supply within days. Take meteorite for example, a material that caught on quickly in the jewelry industry in 2013, but was then immediately depleted due to high demand. Meteorites still retain their aura by are now exclusively designed and created as limited-edition products and are very expensive due to their popularity.

Although this trend might never make it mainstream, William Henry’s explicitly masculine design and artisanal approach have forged its status as celebrities’ best-kept secret with a cult following among the biggest names in music and film including: Nick Jonas, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto.

With products starting as low as $195 and reaching as high as $50,000, every William Henry product makes a bold, yet extremely refined statement, and speaks to a strong and masculine personality. In the niche market that is men’s jewelry, William Henry has proudly grown to become one of the most admired and sought after brands in the world of luxury for men.

Shop the collection now at Williamhenry.com.

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