July 7, 2015

One of the most anticipated and prestigious collections of Ready-to-Wear was performed in a typical Parisian setting – a bistro and café Lagerfeld named Brasserie Gabrielle, complete with waiters serving croissants and coffee at the bar within the Grand Palais.

The café setting influenced his clothes and accessories as can be noted by the skirts that wrapped and tied much like aprons worn by waiters. However, he did not stray away too much from Coco Chanel’s core brand identity and fashion statement as tweed was an prominent fabric seen throughout the collection.

There was also a revival of the two-tone pump that Chanel introduced in her 1950s collection. These sling backs are a classical, elegant different statement from the stilettos and platforms we are used to seeing today.

Lastly, Karl stuck with the trend of long coats, jackets and trench coats, adding a touch of Chanel too them by playing with different fabrics, metallic embroidery and the typical modern bourgeois Chanel colors – black, grey and beige!

Oh and of course! Not to forget the new hairstyle Karl brought into fashion – the black ribbon wrapped around the front of the head and tied in the back much like a head band. A must and easy accessory for anyone to pick up!

As for makeup? The winged eye is definitely a look that is here to stay throughout the entire fall and winter season.

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  1. Nice content!🙏🏻 Do you know whether they used real fur or not? It is annoying that brands keeping it secret 😬


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