The epitome of España: Granada. Traditions are set in stone, flamenco shows echo around the whitewashed streets, and nights are spent drinking and chanting songs down the strikingly narrow streets. Indulge in the local Arabic markets that are a mass of color and scents with goods from each shop spilling out into the alleys, as you “travel” through what feels like Morocco.

N1Where to Stay

Stay with Paloma in the center of Granda on Calle Tundidores for just $80 a night. This luxurious private apartment features a living room, a fully renovated kitchen, a balcony overlooking the quaint street of Tundidores and a private outdoor courtyard. Just steps away from nightlife, plazas and cultural attractions, Paloma is ready to welcome you with open arms, a list of tapas, bars and restaurants to visit in the area and must-see attractions.

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N2What to Do

Mirador de San Nicolas:

For the best view of Granada, head up to Mirador de San Nicolas for spectacular views of the Alhambra palace, Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountains. At sunset enjoy live flamenco at Plaza San Nicolas along with a glass of wine at Restaurante el Balcon de San Nicolas.


La Alcaiceria:

Once bursting with stalls selling Arabic silks, spices and other precious goods, today the Alcaiceria is home to Granada’s souvenir stalls, selling a variety of Arabic craftwork, from local painted ceramics to wooden inlay items such as desks, chessboards, trinket boxes, and typical stained-glass lamps. Let’s not forget the ethnic clothing and memorabilia!




Discover the grand interiors, majestic architecture, and elegant grounds of one of the most important Arabian palaces in the world. Remember to buy your tickets in advance online at ticketmaster before arriving in Granada! Much like the Vatican, Alhambra tickets sell out for most of the summer season so purchasing them in advance is the most secure way to view the Alhambra.

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For many centuries Sacromonte has been populated by the gypsy community, today the mixture of Arabic influences with gypsy influences has created the flamenco. Some of the best flamenco performers turned their caved into public places where visitors could come to hear and see flamenco in its natural habitat.


N3Where to Eat


Wandering around the streets of Granada, don’t be surprised if you see restaurants open till midnight serving the locals dinner. One of my personal favorites is Taberna Puerta del Carmen. On a Friday night at 11:30PM, we enjoyed the restaurants exquisite beef with béarnaise sauce – one of the best dishes in the restaurant by far. If you are in the mood for a classy, innovative and highly acclaimed restaurant, stop by Puerta del Carmen in Plaza del Carmen.

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