NYFW Logo: A Go or No Go?

NYFW Logo: a go or no go?

July 14, 2015NYFW logo

The CFDA has officially given New York Fashion Week a new logo and campaign. To be quite honest..the logo reminds me of my university’s athletic team logo. My school colors were orange and blue, which happens to also be the color of NYC’s flag. In my opinion, for being a worldwide respectable event, the logo turned out to be a big flop, looking more like the Nicks Logo than the NYC flag. The dashed lines are supposed to represent the garment stitches and city streets of New York, but the contrast between the bold and the thin lines coupled with dashed lines give it an un-seamless and unpleasing aesthetic. Furthermore, the fonts do not seem to represent the true essence of NYFW. The logo looks like it was made in Microsoft Office with some of the most simple and basic fonts in mind…

What’s your opinion on the logo?

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