NYFW now sponsored by Lexus. Is there a connection between cars and fashion?

What is the connection between cars and fashion? Why is it that automotives aim to continuously sponsor New York Fashion Week?

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz has been NYFW’s sponsor since 2009, while Cadillac took on its first NYFW Men’s this summer. Mercedes-Benz recently decided to pull back from NYFW claiming that it “lacked buzz.” Mercedes felt that it wasn’t getting as much high-end exposure as it was hoping. As soon as Mercedes dropped out of this September’s Spring/Summer 2016 NYFW, a new group of automotives jumped on the opportunity of being associated with a high-end event.

Both Lexus and Toyota Motor Corp. seek to identify with high-end fashion in the hopes of joining companies such as BMW and Mercedes in the global high-end image. Much like fashion, automotive cars have developed into a work of art that can be designed, giving consumers much more choice in expressing themselves through their car. Whether it’s through the colors and materials inside the car or the metal exteriors.

Lexus Design Disrupted
Lexus Design Disrupted

Although Mercedes has retrieved from sponsoring NYFW, it still feels that it’s connection with fashion is an asset and plans on supporting major fashion events around the world. Obviously, it’s focus is going to be monetary, looking for return on investment and general engagement from events, something that Mercedes felt NYFW wasn’t offering.

Lexus Sarah Jessica Parker MADELexus won the battle for next NYFW sponsor and jumped onto the opportunity of sponsoring IMG and MADE events. For those of you who don’t know IMG owns and administers the official fashion week venue and MADE owns and administers the official OFF-schedule venues for up-and-coming designers.

The major NYFW Fashion Week Venues have moved from Lincoln Center and Bryant Park to Skylight at Moynihan Station at 360 West 33rd street and Skylight Clarkson Square at 550 Washington Street (where I worked for NYFW Men’s for Capsule!). Is this a step forward for the Lexus brand or will it turn into a complete disaster? We’ll have to see how Lexus handles the next coming weeks..!

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